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Teacher Balqis answers all my doubts and allows me to understand the language better as I often get quite lost and confused. Overall great class!

Arina (Intro 2 Arabic)

Apt pace for working individuals like me who yearn to learn the Arabic language in-depth. Conducive and suitable environment for learning

Wahidah (MSA 1)

I can’t believe that now I can actually understand some phrases I hear Arabs speak on the street! All in just these four weeks of lesson!

Rafeal (MSA 1)

Resources and materials provided for the course are useful and easy to read. I would recommend Al-Markaz to everyone. You won’t regret it!

Hifsah (MSA 2)

Al-Markaz provides very systematic approach for anyone to learn Arabic more easily & more effective, be it a beginner or intermediate learner.

Neeza Ali (MSA 8)

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Arabic Courses

Arabic Courses

Whether you have zero knowledge of Arabic, or consider yourself to be at an advanced learner, we have the right one that suits you!


Translation & Localization

Capture more audience! Namecards, websites, or legal documents, we make sure they are thoroughly translated, proofread, and culturally acceptable.


Interpretation Services

Don’t get lost in translation. Allow us to simultaneously interpret that deal-breaking meeting, talks and seminars!

Study Trip - Al-Markaz

Study Trips

Don’t miss our exclusive study trips to the Middle-East. Talk to the people and use what you’ve learnt!