No Arabic knowledge at all? No problem!
This course is designed for those who have no knowledge of Arabic culture and little or no knowledge of the Arabic script.

“Teacher Balqis answers all my doubts and allows me to understand the language better as I often get quite lost and confused. Overall great class!”   - Arina

The Introduction to Arabic course serves as a stepping-stone for students beginning their studies in the Arabic Language. Students will develop the ability to recognise, read and write in the Arabic script and will be exposed to simple phrases of everyday conversational Arabic. 


10-Week Course Outline

  • Introduction to the basics of the Arabic alphabet, its letters, vowels and consonants
  • Learn the basics of conversational Arabic and converse in Arabic phrases
  • Learn how to read the Arabic script
  • Build a solid foundation for further studies in the Arabic language

Note: Roughly 75% of contact time will be used to practice reading and write Arabic script, which will be pertinent in the continuing module (MSA 1). The rest of the time (25%) will be on practicing Arabic conversational phrases, so as to expose participants to simple conversational phrases.

Course Content

Duration of Course

  • Once a week for 10 weeks
  • 2 hours per session

Course Fees

  • Materials fee: $25
  • Course fees: $275



“Class is very enriching. Mudarisah Balqis is very thorough and applicable in her teaching. Pace of class could be slowed down at times. Overall 9/10.”
– Amar Aric Koul



“I’m happy that I managed to find out about this course and complete it. The teacher is very fun and patient. And she is very friendly and helpful too”

Siti Faridah - Al-Markaz StudentSiti Faridah