This is a 9-level course (Basic & Intermediate -12 weeks per level, Advanced – 16 weeks per level) that takes the student from beginning to an advanced level of understanding of the language. Classes are conducted once a week.

“I can’t believe that now I can actually understand some phrases I hear Arabs speak on the street! All in just these four weeks of lesson!”   - Rafeal

The Modern Standard Arabic course consists of 9 modules that utilises a conversation-based teaching method. Students would be taught how to speak, understand, read and write standard Arabic. After completing all 9 levels, students will be given a chance to attend our O-level Preparatory Course, and subsequently guided to obtain their O-level certification in Arabic (Syllabus 3186).


Course Outline

  • This 12-week & 16-week course respectively, with a total of 9 levels, aims to provide participants with the basic linguistic foundation in Modern Standard Arabic.
  • Expand vocabulary and understanding of the use of the language through interaction and engagement.
  • In addition to the class, participants are granted access to laboratory sessions with the use of the Rosetta Stone Dynamic Immersion Program. The lab sessions provides flexibility and a high level of vocabulary retention for the students.
  • At the end of the course, students will be equipped with the ability to speak and understand basic Arabic.


  • MSA 1: Ability to read simple Arabic; basically means you know your alif-baa-taa.
  • MSA 2 onwards: Must pass the Final Exam for the previous level with a grade of “مقبول” or better.

Unsure which class to join? You can assess your level by taking Al-Markaz’s 2-hour Placement Test. The questions you choose to answer and overall result will determine your level. Contact us to book your free Placement Test now!

Duration of Course

  • 12 sessions (Basic & Intermediate) & 16 sessions (Advanced) / 1 session per week
  • 2.5 hrs per session

Course Fees

  • Materials fee: $50
  • Course fees: $350 (Basic & Intermediate), $480 (Advanced)
  • Payment by GIRO available; call us at 6396-5153 to inquire




The class is great. The lesson plans are in good order.
The lecturer is able to communicate well with the class.
The pace is just right for those who want to pick the language fast yet not struggle.

Sharil Abu Bakar - Al-Markaz StudentSharil Abu Bakar

Course Structure

Levels Modules
Introduction to Arabic Introduction to Arabic
Certification in Fundamental MSA
(CEFR: A1-A2)*
MSA 1 – MSA 3
Certification in Intermediate MSA
(CEFR: B1)*
MSA 4 – MSA 6
Certification in Pre-Advanced MSA
(CEFR B2-C1)*
MSA 7  – MSA 9
O-Level Certification in Arabic
(Syllabus 3186)
O-Level Preparatory Class

*Compared to the reference levels of the European Union’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Course Content

All files below are in PDF format.

Certification in Fundamental MSA:

Certification in Intermediate MSA:

Certification in Pre-Advanced MSA:

  • MSA 7
  • MSA 8
  • MSA 9



“Standardized format of teaching for every chapter, easy to follow through the lessons. Apt pace for working individuals like me who yearn to learn the Arabic language in-depth.”   – Wahidah

“My tutor is very kind. She explains everything clearly. I don’t feel embarrassed to ask a question twice.”   – Hifsah

“Al-Markaz provides very systematic approach for anyone to learn Arabic more easily & more effective, be it a beginner or intermediate learner. The class size is manageable & interactive which keeps it interesting & engaging. This encourages me to keep progressing onto the next level & stay motivated.”   – Neeza Ali


“I love how the classes conducted are very interactive. Everyone gets to participate therefore enhancing our learning experience.

Our Mudarissa is very witty and humorous and that greatly makes our classes very engaging, outgoing and fun to be in.”

Muhammad Shafiq Bin Romaino - Al-Markaz StudentMuhammad Shafiq
Bin Romaino